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Feel like the rain is turning to a flood?
Language translation should clear the air, not muddy the water.

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Poor or mechanical translation can lead to bad communication that results in lost business, or worse, unsafe practices and risk.

Language Translation Services

Diving into the world of international business sometimes feels like sailing through stormy waters. It can be confusing and costly. Moreover, one mistake in translation can be disastrous.

Confluent Translations helps calm these waters by not only providing language translation services, but also opening your message through language translation to engage international clients and suppliers successfully. In addition, Confluent Translations will help your business stand out from the rest by clearly communicating your message...wherever your business takes you.


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Brazilian Portuguese

The phrases used were specifically chosen for business communication so embarrassing international cultural mistakes can be avoided. Click here to download a free script, pronunciation guide and the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Visit our site often, as we will be adding training videos in other languages in the future.

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