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Is translation an unneeded expense…or an investment in sales? Find out!

We’re often asked if translation really makes a difference when many people around the world speak English. We’ve seen the problems no translation or poor translation can cause, and we’ve seen the deepening relationships and greater opportunity when good translation and cultural training are used. But don’t take our word for it! Ask your international contacts what they think…in their own language!

Confluent Translations provides a free survey to companies that are considering translation. Fill in your contact information, and once it is verified you’ll be directed to a page to download translated surveys of your choice.

The surveys we use were designed by a 3rd-party firm, Directions Research, Inc., specializing in domestic and international research. The surveys employ phrasing and rating scales that are easily understood when translated into multiple languages and help to reduce scale bias often present in international survey research. The questions are also formatted for easy tabulation and data analysis.

You can send the survey directly to your international contacts (vendors, partners, prospects, customers, affiliates, employees…whomever). The results come back directly to you, but feel free to contact us to discuss the responses. You’ll may also download English versions of the questions, so you can understand the multiple choice responses without knowing the target language.

We provide this free service because we believe in our work and the power of reaching out to other cultures in their first language. So pick a language and give it a try!

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