Quality Translation

Feel like the rain is turning into a flood?

Translation should clear the air,
not muddy the water.

What is communication? It’s the ability to transfer your thoughts to someone else through the written or spoken word (or through images) so that the other person understands (thinks) your thoughts.

What is translation? It is communicating those thoughts to someone who speaks, and thinks, in a different language and cultural context.

That’s why it is important that translated materials establish the relation of “equivalency of intent” between the original text and the new target text while taking into account cultural constraints such as rules of grammar, idioms, and context. In other words...it’s putting your thoughts into a form that someone in a different language and culture can clearly understand and “think your thoughts”.

That is our goal at Confluent Translations: to make translations of such quality that your reader will understand (“think your thoughts”) regarding sales, support, product or service communication.

The key to achieving this level of understanding is our process. Over our 19 years of experience, we’ve developed the best practices to ensure your communication is understood as intended. We’ve developed this process to meet ISO and ASTM Standards and successfully use it to serve customers in many industries and for various types of materials.

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