Service Levels

To meet your business goals and match project length and cost to the projected return on investment of the translated materials, Confluent Translation provides levels of translation service, plus additional services as needed. For the following service levels, it is assumed that translation narrative is delivered in Microsoft Word®.

All of our service levels include use of native language professional translators experienced in the subject field (industry) and text type (audience or material usage), along with a dedicated senior project manager.

Basic Translation

using a native language professional translator experienced with subject field (industry) and text type (audience/usage):

  • Review source text prior to assignment to address any questions
  • Prepare file for translation
  • Use of Trados translation memory
  • Translate
  • Format translation as required
  • Proofread and vet translation by linguist
  • Proofreading reviewed by project manager and translator
  • Final QC
  • Deliver translation in client specified format
  • Dedicated senior project manager

Standard Translation

all of the services listed under basic plus:

  • Edit by second linguist who compares the entire source text with the target text for content, cultural nuances and comprehension
  • Comments are returned to original translator who reviews, implements as necessary, and returns a finalized translation

Certified Translation

all of the services listed under basic and standard plus:

  • Review, verify and proofread by third linguist who provides any questions or concerns to the project manager
  • Comments are reviewed by project manager and original translator who resolves any issues and prepares a final translation
  • Provide certification of translation

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