Translation Services and Solutions

Confluent Translations considers translation a part of the process of doing business internationally. For this reason, we offer a range of services and service levels to ensure you receive the scope and quality of work needed at the least cost and shortest project length.

The goal of translation is to establish a relation of equivalence of intent between the original source text and the new target texts while taking into account a number of constraints, including context, the rules of grammar of languages, writing conventions, idioms, and much more.

Therefore the larger focus is not on translating the document alone, but on fulfilling the business purpose:

  • developing product names, description, and branding that tells the product story correctly in the target language
  • creating product literature or service manuals that let users correctly interact with the product
  • developing employee communications that provide the instructions and guidelines for staff to interact around the globe
  • and more...

This is why we are Confluent Translations…we help merge together the ebb and flow of issues surrounding language and culture to deliver documents that fulfill their purpose wherever in the world you do business.

We will help you manage the process of doing business internationally. Whether your organization is established overseas, or are considering translation for the first time, we will help you develop the international business tools you need to smoothly merge your organization into the flow of global business.

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