Your Translation Requirements

Basic Translation

For clients or projects where cost is an issue or the nature of the material is such that a formal editing process may not be required.

Typical material would include:

  • simple business letters, correspondences, or emails
  • articles that will be used as reference material
  • back translation which uses source text as reference
  • one or two simple sentences or a short paragraph
  • material to be reviewed internally, comments returned to Confluent for implementation

Standard Translation

This is the typical requirement of most clients or projects. The translation needs to be as accurate as possible and the material would require a formal editing process, but would not require certification.

Typical material would include:

  • training presentations
  • business communications
  • MSDS or other technical specification sheets
  • legal documents for reference or research
  • financial material
  • proposals or RFPs
  • advertising and marketing material
  • e-learning, external and internal website text
  • software localization of strings, GUI, and help files
  • product labeling
  • product instructions or manuals
  • “blind” back translation that does not use source text as reference and does not require certification for any governing bodies

Certified Translation

When your translations require the highest quality and must be certified for use or where the information being translated, if mistranslated, could result in the injury or death of an individual or mistranslation could create any legal action against your company.

  • medical and pharmaceutical material
  • patent translation
  • legal documentation for litigation and contracts
  • equipment user and installation manuals
  • back translations