Cultural Missteps

Something stalking you?

Poor or mechanical translation can lead to bad communication that results in lost business, or worse, unsafe practices and risk.

It’s all out there...web translation, machine translation, “quickie” services... and it works! Sort of...

When sailing into the waters of global business, it’s important to understand that word for word or even paragraph for paragraph translation can miss the boat ...entirely. We’ve heard the horror stories of a poorly translated piece resulting in miscommunication, lost business, or even risk of injury from mistranslated operating instructions.

It’s not just languages that differ, its cultures, and how those cultures combine words and thoughts and communicate concepts. And how those cultures act and relate when doing business.

That’s why at Confluent Translations we go into depth with you to understand your need for translation: who is the reader, what is the context, how are you (and they) doing business? And we take whatever extra steps are needed to ensure the quality of the work, including: independent native-speaking in-country reviewers and back translation (translating the text back into the original English) to make sure the translation is right.

We’ll help you get the words right, communicate the intent, and with our cultural training, make sure your actions are culturally acceptable.

Don’t think it’s clear sailing and find out a shark is just behind you!

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