Examples of Work

Over the years we have completed many interesting and unique projects (along with the few ‘not so interesting’ ones). We give each and every project the same care and attention. From instructions about… putting together a dog kennel…to defusing a bomb… to using a poultry killing machine… to patient instruction for medications and medical device user guides for doctors to save lives.

We have completed one brochure in one language, thousands of software strings in 5 languages, changing and updating brochure and website text on a continual basis in many languages, and completed hundreds of separate documents into English ranging from 30 to 60 pages in length. And doing so within 4 weeks!

Clients send material in different frequencies: weekly employee communications, monthly newsletters, quarterly financial statements, or the yearly 300 page product catalog updates completed in 2 languages. Some send several projects a day. Nothing is too small or infrequent, or too large and complicated.

We receive the source text in many formats with the same or different deliverables for the translations. (See our instructions to see how we prefer to receive files!)

One of the hardest projects by far was providing translation and back translation for an Applicator Booklet, Patient Kit Box Booklet, Patient Packet, and Label for a new HIV investigational drug study designed for women to administer to themselves. The study was conducted in Africa and the languages consisted of Setswana, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Tsonga, Swahili for Tanzania, Swahili for Kenya, Chichewa, Rwanda, French for Rwanda and Dholuo (Luo) for Kenya.

Obvious the French was the easiest!

Finding qualified translators and working around constraints not normally present, posed some serious hurdles. For example, some of the translators were located in Africa, where they have limited access to electricity and computers. However we met the challenge and completed the work successfully.

Confluent adheres to our mission and core values with each and every client request. We like to think that is why we have clients with us from our very beginning and new ones joining the Confluent wave every day!