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A Message From Charlene Nagy Ceo & President, Confluent Translations

Find out what makes Confluent different from other language service providers.

A Message From Charlene Nagy Ceo & President, Confluent Translations

Confluent held a 20th anniversary celebration at the end of August in their offices in Pittsburgh that included a specialty cocktail created by Clique Vodka, (click here for the recipe and winning name). Delicious tropical food was created by Toni Pais from Café Zinho. “It was so nice to see the support of our local friends, family, vendors, and clients who attended the party. When you hit a milestone like this it's nice to take some time to reflect and appreciate everything that has had to happen to make this come together,” commented Charlene Nagy, President and CEO.

Meet Charlene Nagy, CEO & President of
Confluent Translations

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Hear in her own words what steers the company and the idea behind the website waves.

A Brand New Connection from an Old Bottled Message

When a small boy found a bottle on a beach in Russia, he never could have imagined that a boy sent the message-in-a-bottle before he was born… from Germany! Watch this video to see how two boys connected 24 years later and miles apart.

A Message Received...24-Years Later

Sometimes art reflects life...and some times the other way around! We chose the message-in-a-bottle theme for our website, to creatively show the importance of translation services and the impact it could have on a business. In a world of i-everything and internet phone calls, we hoped people could still connect with the iconic bottle imagery.

Then this story made its way around the globe. This video features a long lost message in a bottle...and the connection it made for people in different cultures when the message was discovered and translated.

Our hope is that you won’t wait 24 years for your message to be heard globally. See if our translation services can help get your message-in-a-bottle opened.

Even Top Officials can Drown in a Single Word A Brand


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a button that was supposed to read “reset,” however the Russian-language label had the wrong word printed on it: “overcharged”.

Clinton tried to save the situation, stating, “We tried hard to get the right Russian word.” Which only gave Lavrov the opportunity to say, “No, you got it wrong.” She had to think quickly when the mistake was pointed out, and it brought laughs that were not the intent. Although there was publicity, it was undoubtedly not the kind the United States desires.

It is usually the smallest of texts that can have the biggest mistakes or create the most damage. One character, that can be subliminally missed even if double checked, can change the complete meaning. Like a wave wracking a beach, the damage can be terrible.

We all know it is difficult to go back to repair something…especially a relationship. Good translation can smooth a relationship, while in business a one-word mistake may lead to more than a laugh. One mistake can mean lost revenue…or worse.

Phonetic spelling on button Meaning

Correct phonetic spelling

More correctly, it should have appeared in Cyrillic as…
Russian Reset


Don’t be the next YouTube cultural mistake sensation.

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