Confluent Translations was founded in 1992 as NCS Enterprises, and kept that name through most of its history. We changed our name to Confluent Translations in 2010 to more clearly reflect the way we work with customers. No matter the name, the mission remains to provide true communication between people of different languages and cultures.

That means we’re focused on understanding your message, and helping you deliver that message to people living and working in other countries and cultures, or those in the United States. We’re not in the translation business; we’re in the communications business. This mission has driven us down a different path than other translation firms.

As the translation industry matured, we watched the culture, processes, and mission of the large agencies shift away from personalized service and exacting detail. Translations happened at a faster pace, but something was lost. As firms grew, their target client grew in size, and many smaller companies did not receive the attention to detail or customer service they needed.

That’s why we developed our company values and why we love working with clients of any size, but especially with organizations who feel “burned” by previous translation experiences. We’ve developed our process to ensure each and every client not only gets the work done, but they understand how translation fits into their organization....right down to the budgeting process.

At Confluent Translations, we do things the way they should be done. We use actual human beings to translate your words and what you mean…what you are trying to communicate. So every subtlety, every nuance of your message is clearly delivered to your international audience.

If you’ve been burned by translation services in the past, or you’re considering translation for the first time and unsure about the value of translation:

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