Additional Services

Desktop Publishing

Confluent Translations provides desktop publishing services for translated materials. Languages vary in length and expert formatting and layout of materials is required to maintain the visual message provided by professional design. As with our translation service levels, we offer multiple levels of desktop publishing/proofreading services. Each desktop publishing and proofreading service level provides a dedicated senior project manager and uses as a basis for the layout the client provided desktop publishing files, fonts, and graphics files for the source material.

We support all languages, including Eastern European, Asian, and Middle Eastern.
Confluent supports most applications in many versions and we are constantly updating and adding new software to meet our clients’ needs. If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask! 

Standard Desktop Publishing and Proofreading includes:

  • Desktop publish using client supplied electronic files, fonts and graphics
  • Proofread text by native speaker linguist
  • Proofread layout by Quality Control linguist
  • Implement any corrections
  • Further proofreading and implementation of corrections as needed
  • Final Quality Control proofreading of material by Quality Control linguist

Certified Desktop Publishing and Proofreading includes all of the above with the additional steps:

  • Final Quality Control proofreading of material by second native speaker linguist
  • Certification

Confluent can also proofread client submitted desktop publishing files of translated materials.

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