ISO 9001 Certified

Confluent Cruises Into ISO 9001 Certification


ISO 9001–2008 is an internationally recognized standard issued to organizations with a quality management system. It provides a set of requirements that must be in place, regardless of the organization’s size, product or service line, or public or private status. Certification to the standard is voluntary and organizations must complete a rigorous auditing process by a third-party registrar yearly.

Confluent’s processes were defined and developed to enable strict quality assurance and continual improvements as required by ISO standards along with flexibility to serve our clients’ needs. This allows our Translation Quality Management System (TQMS) to smoothly flow into clients’ existing ISO Quality Management Systems.

Our TQMS and translation process is also based on EN 15038 for 2011 and the ASTM International Designation: F 2575-06, Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation.

We are still client focused and offer the same responsive service. Our value-added services and the additional internal auditor training of our employees give us a huge advantage over the limited number of existing ISO 9001 certified translation companies. Confluent lives ISO 9001 through the eyes of an auditor everyday and not just for the third-party audits that happen once a year.

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