At Confluent Translations we strive to serve each client with quality work as well as a collaborative spirit. We want to merge our work into our clients’ process for doing global business. This attitude leads to open discussion and better results.

Here are some client comments about our work...

"I just did a QC of the manual, and it looks perfect! I also want to heartily commend the translator for picking up an error in the original English manual and fixing it on the translations."

"I got through the complete Shop Floor materials translated, and I can tell you the translation is quite good. Thank you again for having it done."

"I checked the German PR only today! I carefully read it and could not find any error or typo!!!  Well done, Marina, “chapeau”!! We all know how difficult this kind of text is to translate. So you can go ahead to post it on the website."

"I'm really impressed how good the translation is..."

"The translation work is one of the best I have seen. It is well written with language and expression that should be understood by any educated patient or middle class citizen of a Spanish speaking country."

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